Dead Poets Slam!

Dead Poets Slam!

September 28, 2022

12:00 am


Tonight, some of the world's most well-remembered poets will be resurrected from the dead! The poetry slam consists of two slam rounds to narrow down contestants, and a final round to select a winner. Guests will receive door prizes, judges and participants will all receive a gift, and winners of the contest will be presented with Steep Mountain gift cards, swag, and up to a $50 cash prize!

Criteria for participating:

Round one is a slam of work from deceased poets. Round two and the Final Round content are optional between either original work, or work by a dead poet. Each poem presented should not exceed 7 minutes in length and must be presented by memory.

Halloween or dead poet costumes highly encouraged for all participants, judges, and guests!

Should you wish to participate as either a judge or slam competitor, please email: bpcsubmissions@gmail.com

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